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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LM-35 Temperature measurement

The LM35 series are precision integrated-circuit temperature sensors, whose output voltage is linearly proportional to the Celsius (Centigrade) temperature.

LM35 sensor temprature circuit
The LM35 is an accurate temperature sensor that will provide an analogue output of 10mV per degree C. It is very easy to interface one with a PIC 16f877.
The program is written in basic, proton compiler.

Device 16F877A
Declare XTAL 4

Declare LCD_TYPE 0 ' Type of LCD Used is Alpha
Declare LCD_DTPIN PORTB.4 ' The control bits B4,B5,B6,B7
Declare LCD_RSPIN PORTB.2 ' RS pin on B2
Declare LCD_ENPIN PORTB.3 ' E pin on B3
Declare LCD_INTERFACE 4 ' Interface method is 4 bit

Dim ADC_Result As Float
Dim Temp_Float as Float

ADCON1 = %10000000 ' Set all to analogue inputs (PORTA)
TRISA = $FF ' Declare porta as all inputs
Delayms 150


ADC_Result = ADIN 0
Temp_Float = ADC_Result * 5000 / 1023 ' to reduce decimal error
Print At 1,1, Dec1 Temp_Float , 0, "C "

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Anonymous said...

how much line this lcd have?

Anonymous said...

can someone translate the program in asm code (using mplab)???
thank you

Anonymous said...

i also want this code in asm using MPLAB?
engr.rizwan and engr.umair

Anonymous said...

did someone make the code in mplab?

vivek said...


nikita said...

ya i also want the same c code for this...

Anonymous said...

i want this code in asm for mplab..
any could help me?

martin said...

can i get the same code in c please anyone?

Anonymous said...

plz tell me the code in ccs

micro said...

plz tell me the code in mikroc

Anonymous said...

can u plz send me asm code

Anonymous said...

can u send me in c code

Anonymous said...

I'm brasilian student, and I would like that you send me all the code in mikroC in my

Anonymous said...

can u send me in c

saqlian pic controller project LM35 said...


i am planning to make a temperature monitoring system using LM35 interfaced with pic and then showing the result on an LCD.
so can you plz guide me as to how how should go about it..
I need the coding of the microcontroller 16F series in C language..
thank you.
Hoping to hear from you soon..


Dr.Rana said...

@ saqlian pic controller project LM35 :-
Yes i can guid and help you in designing and developing the PIC microcontroller project for temperature measurement and monitoring using temperature sensor LM35.
First of all send me the your project work sofar, so that we can move ahead from that step.

Anonymous said...

i want this code in asm for mplab..
any could help me?pleas!


Anonymous said...

can i have this code using mplab?

Anonymous said...

Can I have assembler code??? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Please Can I have assembler source code?
My mail is

Thanks Thanks

Ali said...

Dear Dr Rana, I am a hobbyist and presently trying to make an LCD display showing four temperature readings simultaneously (2x16 LCD) for my car like Int temp, Out Temp, Coolant temp and intake etc. I understand I will need three more LM35s connected to AN1, AN2 & AN3. Can I just copy and paste the 'Main:' routine three more times with ADIN 1 printing at 1,8; ADIN 2 printing at 2,1 and ADIN 3 printing at 2,8? I will really appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

and code .asm ????

pragati said...

please give the asm code.

pragati said...

asm code in urgent pls... can it be done using the 7 segment led?

shera hairi said...

need asm code in URGENT.could u email me now.i really appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

need asm code. could u email me now. i really appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Can I have the source code in MPlab ?

Anonymous said...

i need code for this in matlab or c. its urgent plzzzzzzzz

Mohammed Aliy said...

hi i want this code with assembly language! please!

edgardo bedrijo said...

can you also give me the asm code for this. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Can I get this cod Pleaz?!
abdullah daood

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