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Sunday, February 22, 2009

PC based Temperature data logging

PC based Temperature data logging is a series of posts, in which we will tell a beginner to make all by itself.


Following tools will be required in this project:
1. Personal Computer PC having serial port.
2. PIC 16f877
3. Lm 35
4. 5 volt power supply.
5. LCD
6. misc. components as shown in circuit diagram.

PIC 16f877 have built in six adc of 10 bit resolutions. So no worry of using any external adc in this project. we will use one of them for analog to digital conversion. Lm35 is temperature sensor and gives us output in format of 10mv/C. The output pin of LM35 is directly connected to adc (0) of micro-controller. The results are taken into account by using program written in basic language using proton compiler. After having averaging out results the temperature is displayed on local LCD and as well as send to PC through serial port RS-232 on stander null modem 9600 baud rate. A program written VB-6 is used to get the incoming data and shows result on the computer screen. The data acquisition program have following features.
1. Finds out minimum value
2. of Finds out maximum value
3. Average value 10 sec
4. show instantaneous value
5. maintains real time graph to shows response of the system
6. saves history readings


PIC said...

nice info on PIC

Dr. said...


Saumil said...
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vbnjyothi said...

I need the source code for PC based temperature data logging of temperature .plz mail to,
it will be helpful

Project APIS said...

1.we didnt find any circuit about irrigation system that use ph sensor.
2.we have found this circuit, e-mailed to you.
tell me about this circuit.what i understand is if the temperature is so hot,it will start watering.we planned to do this project because we want to give variety in irrigation system about the rain sensor?
4.What about PH sensors for APIS? beside moisture sensor,what else the sensor that are suitable in irrigation?

Dr.Rana said...

@ Project APIS :-
1. Yes, it is not possible to use any Ph sensor for the APIS project.
2.Ok, i get it, this a temperature controller circuit to controller the temperature of a green house, why you want this circuit for automatic plant irrigation system APIS??what i understand is if the temperature is so hot,it will start summer when it is hot, the pump will be contineously be working for whole summer.there will be over flood from fields to streats, because watering will never reduce the temperature of the area.
3. yes, it could be cleverly used for APIS.
4.I have told you many time, i donot think so, the use of Ph sensor for detections of moisture contents? i am sorry, it is not possible here.
5. for less or more water , you should check or monitor the mositure or water contents, any type of water sensor is good here.

Project APIS said...

as a experience person in this field,is it possible for us to continue this project?because my partner said that he want to change our project

Dr.Rana said...

@ Project APIS :-
if you can compromise on water sensors and can think new or different approch about the watering algorithm besides just turn motor ON or OFF.
you should continnue it.
and if you think about ph sensors or temperature or any other sensor, then results may be not sucessful, you should talk with supervisor about the sucess of project.

Project APIS said...

before this we only thinking about to pass this subject,we didnt take serious about this.
so in case we are still going to use the temperature circuit,can you help us in understanding more about the circuit?this might not be so practically.but we think we should try this at least.

Dr.Rana said...

@ Project APIS :-
this circuit will measure temperature and show level of temperature on LEDs, you can set any tempeature value to turn motor ON or OFF.

Project APIS said...

1. what the function of crystal?
2. i read in your blog before that sensor have its own signal,so,we need opamp to make it compatible.right?
3. every microcontoller needs crystal?

Dr.Rana said...

@ Project APIS :- is necessary components required for microcontroller, it gives pulses to it, like oscilator.
2.we can use OP-AMP as buffer with unit gain, it wil be a pulse addition to circuit, otherwise we can interface LM35 temperature sensor directly with microcontroller PIC16f877, it have builtin ADC, which will convert the analog to digital signal for computation inside the microcontroller.
3.most of the microcontrollers need external crystal for working or processing, except some tiny or small microcontroller like pic12c508 or 12c509.

Project APIS said...

1.the left side of the circuit,there is DB9,what should we connect it with?
2.u said that we can interface the temperature sensor with microcontroller.why we need to do that?

Dr.Rana said...

@ Project APIS :-
DB9 is serial port connector, hopefully, it will be sued for serial communication with other devices or PC.if you donot need it, leave it.
2.because the circuit you send me is doing this, and you are asking question on it, what is going at the circuit i told you, i never suggest any thing like, you should use temperature sensor.

Anonymous said...

That I nice, at the moment I am trying to do some thing related with data logging. My intention is to use like the internal EEPROM or use some external memory. that may accessed using USB.
As I am starting from scratch, this may help me a lot.
therefore would you be so kind to me to send me the code.
I appreciate for your time if you include as mensione how to wrte in the meory and read it a gain.
Thanks in Advance.
My email address is

Anonymous said...

Hello dr.rana I cant see the circuit diagram of this project this is my final year project data logger how can I see the circuit.?

Anonymous said...

can you please send me the code for this design and the circuit diagram to

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