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Final year degree project for engineers DAC0800 based project circuit diagram and interfacing with pic mirocontroller Final year projects based on microcontrollers on programmable peripheral interface 8255
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PIC 16f877 microcontroller projects Motion control
PIC16f877 motor controller and other light projects
Tutorials of microcontroller PIC16f877, A step by step easy to use self learning rapidex

PIC microcontroller Projects

In this project Microcontroller PIC16f84 is used. The devices are connected to microcontroller using relays. The relays are switched ON or OFF using transistors through microcontroller. Different programs and separate password code for multiple devices connected to this hardware.

The microcontroller PIC16F628 intelligent battery charger

In this project microcontroller PIC16f628 is used. The battery is charged and the voltage level is controlled through PIC microcontroller.simple battery chargers do not provide the  intelligence to charge different battery technologies or batteries with the same technology but different voltages and capacities.using internal comparators of PIC16f628.diode D is 1N4007 or Shotsky diode, maximum current is about 2 or 3A.

 Development of Thermometer using Microcontroller PIC12F675
In this project Microcontroller PIC12f675 is used. The digital thermomrter is very easy to build using temperature sensor LM35 and ADC with microcontroller. The LED display is used for reading temperature.

Development of Thermometer on Nokia 3310 Lcd  using Microcontroller PIC12f629.
In this project we Develoe a Thermometer on Nokia 3310 Lcd using Microcontroller PIC12f629. The digital Temperature sensor temperature sensor DS18B20 is used for the measurement of Temperature. The diaplay is on Nokia 3310 has a LCD with 84*48 dots.the LCD from the Nokia 3310 mobile phone. PIC12F629/675 microcontrollers are used for processing and control the LCD.

Make a Thermometer using PIC microcontroller 16f84.
This is simple thermometer with just few components. The brain is PIC16F84A and sensor is DS18B20
Range of sensor is -55 to 125°C is possible if ONLY the sensor is in that area not the whole device. The DS1820 is digital temperature sensor and interfaced with microocntroller through I2C communication. LED display is used to show the value of temperature. For this project no ADC is required.

Light controller using Microcontroller PIC12C508
In this project Light is controllered using Microcontroller PIC12C508. This is 8-pin microcontroller Microchip PIC12C508.The circuit uses only a PIC12C508 8-pin CMOS micontroller and a small triac, MAC97A6. The PWM technique is used for ON and OFF of light source at very high frequency so that flickering effect may be reduced.

RGB LED Controller Projects using PIC Microcontrollers

RGB LED PWM Controller Using PIC microcontroller
Standalone PWM ,controller for RGB LEDs,using 12F6xx PIC,All code runs on the 12F629, 12F675 and the newer 12F683 which, with 2K of program memory has plenty of room for user sequences.The RGB light programme code uses the PICs EEPROM to store the last used mode. When the PIC is powered up for the first time after it has been programmed it checks to see if the last sequence value saved in EEPROM is less than or equal to the number of available sequences. If it is not, the code resets the value in the EEPROM to 0.

Serial Controlled RGB LED PWM Driver
12F6xx based PWM ,controller for RGB LEDs,350mA RGB LED PWM driver V2 (SMD) ,350mA RGB LED PWM driver V3 (SMD) The serial data can be sent from the serial COM port of a PC or using a small dedicated controller that I've put together. The Controller code is based on the standalone RGB driver code described elsewhere on this website. The controller uses the same format for the sequence data as the standalone RGB driver so any files you have for the standalone driver can be used with the Serial RGB Controller.
Power MOSFET RGB LED PWM Controller using PIC Microcontroller
The RGB LED driver described on this page uses logic level 'N' channel MOSFETs which allow it to control LED arrays or lamps at up to 5 amps per channel without heatsinks. The circuit is essentially the same as the smaller RGB driver using the 5mm LEDs elsewhere on this website except that this version uses high power MOSFETs capable of sinking 5 amps on each channel without heatsinks. The STP36NF06L MOSFETs specified are logic level devices and are specified to operate with a low gate voltage. You can use standard N Channel MOSFETs with a suitable Ids current rating if you can't obtain this part and they should work fine with load currents of 2-3 amps. RGB Simulator for testing sequences used with above RGB LED controllers. Addressable RGB LED / Servo Controller DMX512 4-channel PWM Controller

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