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PIC16f877 Projects

Keypad Scanning with PIC microcontrollers

Multiplexed LED Display 4-digit with PIC16f877

Multiplexed LED Display 4-digit Interfacing with PIC micro-controller 16F877A.
RTC Interface and frequency monitor PCF8583 is frequency divider, he gets clock ~32kHZ from xtal, and just divide to get signal 0.1Hz. Accuracy of PCF8583 is accuracy of xtal. But in this project it is only used as RTC just. The prime objective of the project is to measure the incoming frequency and then o display on the LCD (2 line and 20 characters 2*20 LCD alpha numaric liquid crystal display). When the measurement is completed, it also updates the current time and date on the second line of the lcd. PIC16f84 microcontroller is used.
The heart of this project is PIC microcontroller PIC16f877a.
The prime objective of the project is to learn the interfacing of the Multiplexed LED Display which is consisting of 4-digits (Common Cathode in our case).
Frequency counter and real time controller interface and current time display:
Types of Feedback Controls
What are the types of feed back controls. There are many controlling methods and mechanism used in daily life to control the processing parameters in labs and industry. Here we will discuss a few of them and our main concern will be on temperature controllers specifically
Proportional, Integral AND Derivative (PID) controller
PID:-A Proportional, Integral AND Derivative (PID) controller is an interesting method and mechanism to control the output by viewing input and is mostly used in industrial control applications but now a days its application are very common and we see it working in every controller.
How to interface 82c55 with PIC microcontroller. This three-state bi-directional 8-bit buffer is used to interface the 82C55A to the system data bus. Data is transmitted or received by the buffer upon execution of input or output instructions by the CPU. Control words and status information are also transferred through the data bus buffer.

Design and control of simple motor controller with PIC
Motor controller is designed in this project. The DC low voltages in the range of 5v to 24V can easily be controlled with PIC microcontroller. PWM, pulse width modulation technique is available in PIC controller as a hardware function, what we have to do is just to put values in some variables and get required result.

Generating PWM from Microcontroller
Pic16f877 have built in hardware for PWM output generation.It is just a simple project to understand the operation of PWM, and to understand its working. In this project to measure frequency real time, two counter timer are also used.
PC based Data logger
Lm35 is temperature sensor and gives us output in format of 10mv/C. The output pin of LM35 is directly connected to adc (0) of micro-controller.

LED seven segment interfacing with microcontroller
This is an example to under stand the interfacing of LED seven segment display with microcontroller PIC 16F877. The Seven Segment Display is consists of seven LED named A through G. The LEDs are connected as common cathode or common anode.

Interfacing of LM35 Temperature Sensor with Microcontroller PIC16f877
 The LM35 is an accurate temperature sensor that will provide an analogue output of 10mV per degree C. It is very easy to interface one with a PIC 16f877.

Microcontroller PIC16f877 based LED control
It is very simple circuit diagram , in which led is connected to microcontroller PIC16f877.How it works is shown. The connection LEDs with micrcontroller are simple.

Motor Speed Measurement With PIC Microcontroller (RPM Meter):-
In This project a RPM meter is subject to design. The RPM meter is designed and built to detect the speed and acceleration of a DC motor. Main components of the system were a single-chip microcontroller, a photo transistor and Light emitter Diodes LEDs, and an operational Amplifier used as comparator. This system was designed to try to test the applications of a PIC chip processor.
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Keypads are an excellent way of entering data into the microcontroller and microprocessor based projects where user define values of different parameters are required. there are different types and size of keypads available today in the market. The keys are usually numbered, but they could be labeled as function keys for example, in a remote control handset in a TV to adjust the sound or color, etc. As well as remote controls, keypads find applications in burglar alarms, door entry systems, calculators, microwave ovens, etc. So there is no shortage of applications for this section.