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Final year degree project for engineers DAC0800 based project circuit diagram and interfacing with pic mirocontroller Final year projects based on microcontrollers on programmable peripheral interface 8255
Microcontroller based different projects abstract and source code
PIC 16f877 microcontroller projects Motion control
PIC16f877 motor controller and other light projects
Tutorials of microcontroller PIC16f877, A step by step easy to use self learning rapidex

PICFUN PIC Microcontroller Projects Developement system

  • PIC Microcontroller Projects NewFinal year students degree projects

  • PCF8583 is frequency divider, he gets clock ~32kHZ from xtal, and just divide to get signal 0.1Hz. Accuracy of PCF8583 is accuracy of xtal.

  • Simple LED interface with micro-controller PIC16f877

  • What we need in this circuit is the only basic components required for any microcontroller based circuit.
    The Basic component is Microcontroller based Project

  • Digital Thermometer using analog temperture sensor LM35 LCD PIC16f877

  • The LM35 series are precision integrated-circuit temperature sensors, whose output voltage is linearly proportional to the Celsius (Centigrade) temperature.

  • PC based Data Loging through Microcontroller PIC16f877

  • PIC 16f877 have built in six adc of 10 bit resolutions. So no worry of using any external adc in this project. we will use one of them for analog to digital conversion. Lm35 .

  • Generate and control PWM using PIC16f877

  • PID control in Industry

  • Feedback control system for process variables

  • Multiplexed LED Display 4-digit Interfacing with PIC micro-controller 16F877A.

  • Automatic Furnace control with Fan and Heater

  • Electronics Dice with PIC16f84

  • Seven segment Electronic Dice with microcontroller PIC16f84

  • Interface of Thermocouple with Microcontroller interface

  • LCD Interface with PIC18f452

  • adc interfacing with Pic16f877

  • Development of a Calculator using PIC18f452 Microcontrollers

  • Digital voltmeter with LCD display using PIC18f542

  • Secure Digital (SD) memory card using PIC18f452

  • RPM meter speedometer using microcontroller

  • Produce sound using PIC Microcontroller

  • smart cards Telephone cards PIC12f675

  • PIC18F452 Oven Calibrator Using the MAX6674/MAX6675 Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter

    Start PIC Microcontroller Projects Developement:

  • How to Program the Microcontroller?

    All the things you need for using microcontroller are the basic tools required for setup of microcontroller Lab.
    To program the Microcontroller you just need to do 3 things:

    1. write the program using an integrated development environment like MIGCC.exe
    2. compile the text using a compiler program
    3. download the compiled program into a chip
    Benefits of Using Microcontrollers :-

    The microcontroller because of its versatility, ease of use and cost will change the way electronic circuits are designed and will enable projects to be built which previously would have been too complex.

    What can the microcontroller measures?
    Microcontroller can measure all physical quantities which are measured by other methods or mean like Temperature, light, magnetic, electrical, sound, distance, velocity. But you need proper transducer to convert that physical quantity to electrical energy.
    What is PICFUN?

    PicFun is used by all Australian Secondary schools as part of their technical education. PicFun is a programmer developed by Australian company using PIC microcontroller.

    PICFun Programmer and Controller:-

    For Educational and Professional Applications PICFun is a kit designed as a request from high school teachers to provide an easy way to teach microcontroller programming. The students are able to construct a useful project on the actual circuit board they are using to program the PIC chip! In effect they can program and reprogram the PIC microcontroller for endless possible applications of their choice, all without taking the
    microcontroller off the board because the PIC chip has FLASH MEMORY which makes it electrically erasable.

    Example of use of PICFUN:

    Industrial Application by High School students. They automated the assembly of the three separate parts (plastic handle, metal clip and bracket) which make up the detachable handle of a grill pan on an electric oven. The machine assembles a handle in just 25 seconds.
    The objective of the new approach was achieved although there were problems encountered. Students needed to improve their skills in the C-programming language and connecting skills as the micro-controller was rather small in size. Despite the problems, students like to use this micro-controller as they could see the output of their hard work. The staff derived greater satisfaction when students learned and achieved the objectives of their lessons. Students were able to understand and achieve the end results of their programming techniques and experiment results.
    some useful topics to build a PIC Microcontroller Project are as under:
    1.Interfacing of max7317 with microcontroller and example source code
    2. 18f452 code max7317 8051 code pic micro usb tutorial pic microcontroller auto dialer pic programming coding " tutorial 16f84 proton" 18f452 lookup table 7 segment 18f4550 ansi c code examples for digital clock graphic lcd interfacing circuit kits seven segment counter
    coding home alarm in pic18f4550 pic asm per data logger 18f452 connected with memory 18f452 vs 18f4550 ic prog acquisition of temperature and time usung pic and rtc lcd lm35 pic16f877a mikroc voltage pc based device controller pic c language pwm controller spi smartcard area and volume calculator using pic tutorial interrupt pwm pic16f87 mikroc button write lcd pic temperature logger soft pwm 16f877 tutorial 16f877a frequency counter robotic projects ,embedded systems projects ,projects on gsm ,embedded systems ,timer based robotics project ,robotics projects for engineering students 3,embedded projects ,project ideas ,dc motor controller ,robot ideas ,ideas for mobile based projects ,engineering college ,dc motor ,robotics project ,projects for eee ,college projects ,robotic project ,prepaid electricity ,ac motor speed control ,heartbeat monitoring ,ece projects ,control system ,dc motor speed control ,monitoring system ,response system ,gsm modem ,robotics projects ,student project ,gsm camera